Monday, August 10, 2009

Street Violence

Chapter One

One day in the City of New York, Bonnie Reed, a 16 year-old girl in Harlem was in her house when she heard bang and loud kids in the street. She wanted to move out to be safe from the all the violence that she encountered during her life.
It was Sunday morning, and Bonnie as gotten dressed for church. Before she left for the late service, she ate lunch at the store and took a sip of her beverage. She was a Christian, and member if the F.A.M.E Bethel Church. Until then, her friend had come to see Bonnie. Her name was Chanel Jones, a street hustler and a friendly neighbor.
“Hey, Bonnie! What’s up?”
“Hey!” said Bonnie.
Chanel’s cell phone rang in the backpack she usually carried all day. IT was her annoying brother on the phone telling her to feed him.
“So, anyway, I got to go. My brother is waiting for me.” Chanel said
“Alright now, no problem” Bonnie said as she shook her friend’s hand
Bonnie was going home after she left from church towards her brownstone on the east side.

School Days

Chapter One:

Truce High

One morning at the brownstone house. Kristen Kendal was looking so nice as ever by the time she arrive @ truce high

She stopped by to get some breakfast as they served bacon, eggs & cheese, buttermilk pancakes oatmeal, donuts, & so much more. The boys started to stare @ her as their tongue was wide open drooling onto people’s shoes. “Excuse me you got my shoe’s wet’’ said the kids. So as Kristen walked they followed her outside. Ronzel said

“Hey Kristen how you doing” of course Kristen was a dork before so she never experienced boys. “Fine & you” she said. “I’m fine as butter on toast” Ronzel said.

Just then Derek came & said “corny …Hey baby, Kristen why don’t you show me how you move”. Derek slapped Kristen’s butt, Kristen did not laugh like other girls she got mad made him jealous by kissing ronzel. Derek got mad and went up to ronzel & punched him in his balls.

The Adventures Of Detective James Smith and Rayna Philips

Chapter One
The Beginning

The next morning at the Harlem neighborhood at one-hundred and nineteenth street, James Smith is on his way to City College as he will be arriving at nine-thirty am Eastern Standard Time. He got up for breakfast as his girlfriend Alicia James made him some pancakes, eggs, and bacon with a glass of orange juice. He thought about getting himself a laptop that would costs him a lot of money just to work on. When it was eight-thirty on the dot he had went out of the house and kissed his girlfriend goodbye. He took the bus to one-hundred and nineteenth street all way to city college at one-hundred and thirty fifth street and convent avenue where he studies math problems for equations, fractions, and P.E.M.D.A.S. He loves enjoying reading books and so much more as he took a look outside as something was going on outside the streets of City College. A burglar was stealing jewelry from other stores in other places. James ran as fast as he could to get the burglar as he use his magical powers to get him. “Freeze,” he said, and so the burglar was stopped in his tracks just as the police officers will be just in time to arrest the burglar. It was all thanks to James himself.